6a00e55181b02688340120a77fea5d970b-320wiBachar Alouf the founder of Aloft Fine foods had established in 1993 many pizza and donair restaurants in Pictou County and Halifax N.S. serving halal meat and organic dough and developed a product that will appeal to a huge portion of the mainstream market and most religious groups’ diets. The product has a flavor formulation which has distinct characteristics for an affirmation of great taste. We’ve taken pride in being at the fore front of food innovations by producing, selling and delivering 100% certified Halal meats.


To create and maintain a product that is comprehensive and exceptional in its attention to every detail of operation, investing in the latest quality assurances, sanitation auditing and food safety technologies. We create our products using superior quality and flavor formulation which originates of 100% Halal to give the confidence that our brand is #1 in the market, to provide all who work with us a friendly, cooperative and a rewarding environment and contribute to the community we serve.